Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fun with food

Oliver loves finger food. He also loves to eat whatever I am eating! So when I make myself a piece of toast I have to donate some of it to the little man.

He still has good days and bad days when it comes to eating, but it seems to help when one of us is sitting at the table with him eating something too. So most mornings I have been eating a bowl of cereal at the table with him while Hayley feeds him Weetabix.

He now manages to hold his drinking cup to drink water during his meal, but often he will just leave it to us to hold it for him: "why have a dog and bark yourself" seems to be the sentiment!

Last night Hayley cooked Oliver and I an elaborate fish supper: Plaice in a vine tomato salsa with creamy mashed potatoes and peas! Mine looked fit for king. Oliver's was pureed. I ate all of mine and Oliver ate three servings of his! Sadly not every mealtime is this successful, but with a little patience he seems to be improving. He has also slept better for two of the last three nights, so hopefully his improved eating will go hand in hand with improved sleeping... for all three of us!