Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My day (by Oliver Townley, aged 7 months)

Sometimes I wake early and make a few grumbly noises, but then I fall asleep again. Mummy and Daddy know not to get me up if I sound like I'm in a bad mood and haven't had enough sleep.

I wake up and find something to play with. Sometimes Gerry the Giraffe is around and Julien is always glad to play when I wake up. If I'm feeling mischievous I kick the little projector that is attached to the side of my cot. It makes a loud clunk!

Once I am awake and Mummy and Daddy can hear me playing on the monitor they come in and say Good Morning to me.

After Mummy and Daddy come in they give me a cuddle in my cot. Then they wind up my Winnie the Pooh mobile which I love. I watch it while Mummy gets my clothes together. Then Mummy gets me up and puts me on the changing mat to change my nappy. Sometimes I let her change me into my clothes for the day but if I am hungry I complain so that she just changes my nappy and takes me downstairs.

Breakfast. My favourite is half a Weetabix with whole pasteurised milk. Mummy can't spoon it in fast enough. Then I have my bottle (9.5 ounces of Aptamil 2).

After breakfast and my bottle I wave to my Daddy as he goes off to work on his bike. (Note to self: must ask Daddy to get me the Baby Specialzed catalogue.) Then I like to play for a while.

Once I've been up for about 2-3 hours I'm ready for a wee nap for perhaps half an hour. Mummy gives me my favourite blanket and I have a nap.

Sometimes Mummy and I go out to "Baby Talk" or "Rhythm and Rhyme" for the morning. In that case I nap in the car or pram.

Mummy gives me lunch around noon. It's 2 courses, often something home-made but if we are out and about - at Room 311 with the other Mums or example - it might be something from a jar.

After lunch I have a longer nap. Mummy likes me to nap for at least an hour so that I sleep better at night. It's odd but the better I sleep in the day, the better I seem to sleep at night.

Mummy often takes me for a walk in my buggy. "Pramming out" is what Mummy calls it. We might go to the park to feed the ducks, or to visit one of my girlfriends. I have lots of girlfriends.

Time for another bottle. Usually I'm out and about when I have this one so I drink it straight and cold.

Dinner time. Two courses again and often this means yoghurt for dessert. I love yoghurts! If I can possibly manage it I wait til Mummy isn't looking and stick my hand in the pot. But Mummy doesn't seem to mind.

Play time. Daddy comes home and he plays with me for a while. I always give him a big smile when he comes home and he is always excited to see me.

Bath-time. I love my baths. I think I may ask for a water-bed when I can speak because I even fall asleep in the jaccuzzi at the swimming baths. Mummy or Daddy usually have a bath with me. I have ducks and toys and I splash about and have great fun. Some of the time I just lie back in the water and look up at Mummy/Daddy. They seem to think this is cute.

After my bath I have my last bottle, usually with Mummy, sitting on the sofa in my room. The lights are turned down low and I cuddle Julien. Finally Mummy puts me in my sleeping bag, kisses me goodnight and puts me and Juien into our cot. I cuddle Julien and go off to sleep.

Then Mummy and Daddy creep off downstairs... to talk about how adorable I have been today.


Reservoir Mog said...

Oliver, I think the sooner we get you some decent alphabet blocks, the better. Then you can stop relying on Daddy to write gooey mush, and get a bit more edgy. Remember, I've seen you attempt to kick a vicar into next week... :) just don't scare your parents too much, before the watershead.

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