Saturday, April 08, 2006

My first...

Hayley got her first proper kisses from Oliver yesterday. He'd been doing something similar before but yesterday he definitely knew what he was doing. When she said "Kisses!" he leaned forward and put his mouth to hers. He tends to open his mouth, lean forward and quite often dribble, so it's quite a sloppy kiss!

...Game of Peekaboo!
I have seen Oliver play peekaboo with Hayley very briefly but today he played it with me for the first time. He lay on the sofa and kept pulling his favourite blanket over his face and then pulling it away again for me to see him. It was lovely to see. Our first game! Hayley managed to capture it on video.


Reservoir Mog said...

As he is obviously a happy and sociable chap, bring him Pace-egging on Easter Monday! Lots of people to coo over him and lots of kissing practice! If he's too busy with his social life, just send Hayley with a big pile of photographs :)

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