Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sarah's birthday

Steve, Oliver (hidden!), Tony, Amber (in buggy!), Sarah

We went out for lunch and a stroll around Dunham Massey Deer Park on Saturday afternoon with our friends Tony, Sarah (who was celebrating her birthday) and their 7 month old daughter Amber.

Oliver, Steve, Hayley

Despite terrible traffic which made us so late we missed the proper lunchtime menu, we got there in time to dine on sandwiches, cakes and scones while the babies played with blocks, sucked on finger food and drank their bottles. There is a special area set aside for families which is nice for everyone!

After lunch we took a stroll around the deer park, Amber in her buggy (with occasional carrying for a better view and a cuddle) and Oliver in his baby carrier. The deer in the park must be very used to having people around as a large herd(?) of them of all ages crossed our path at one point.

Deer in the park

The afternoon flew by and by the end of it Oliver was asleep in his carrier. But all that fresh air must have done him some good as he slept until 6.30am that night before waking in need of his dummy. What a shame that a long stroll in a deer park isn't really practical for every afternoon.

Oliver, snoozing