Tuesday, July 11, 2006

33 Things kids Should Do Before They're 10

33 Things kids Should Do Before They're 10

Hayley found this list of 33 things a child should do before they are 10 years old. Number 27 sounds a tad tricky. Number 33 probably violates health and safety legislation these days. And surely number 32 is missing the words "every weekend" at the end. (Well, I can dream.)

1. Roll on your side down a grassy bank
2. Make a mud pie
3. Make your own modelling dough mixture
4. Collect frogspawn
5. Make perfume from flower petals
6. Grow cress on a windowsill
7. Make a papier mâché mask
8. Build a sandcastle
9. Climb a tree
10. Make a den in the garden
11. Make a painting using your hands and feet
12. Organise your own teddy bears' picnic
13. Have your face painted
14. Play with a friend in the sand
15. Make some bread
16. Make snow angels
17. Create a clay sculpture
18. Take part in a scavenger hunt
19. Camp out in the garden
20. Bake a cake
21. Feed a farm animal
22. Pick some strawberries
23. Play pooh sticks
24. Recognise five different bird species
25. Find some worms
26. Ride a bike through a muddy puddle
27. Make and fly a kite
28. Plant a tree
29. Build a nest out of grass and twigs
30. Find ten different leaves in the park
31. Grow vegetables
32. Make breakfast in bed for your parents
33. Make a mini assault course in your garden


Reservoir Mog said...

And then repeat the lot of them in your 20's, 30's etc, with alcohol. Have 10 years off in your teens for the too-cool years. The snow angels and bin-bag bobsleigh run on Dave Low's 30th birthday (February, Lake District, blizzard!) was one of the highlights of the decade :)

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