Monday, July 17, 2006

Roll over Beethoven

Oliver has been able to crawl for a while, but interestingly we have never seen him roll over from his back to his front. Even after starting to crawl he has occasionally ended up with his arm trapped under himself and cried for our assistance. And we have never yet come into his room and found him standing up, because it would need him to roll from his back to his front.

So this weekend Hayley occasionally placed him on his side and encouraged him over to his front from where he was able to get onto all fours quite happily.

This morning we got him up and brought him into our room where we lay him on his back on the bed. After a few minutes he spotted something of interest on the bedside table. Quite un-prompted, he rolled onto his side and then his front and finally up onto his hands and knees. He looked pleased, if a little surprised, when this got him a round of applause.