Sunday, July 09, 2006

It's official: he's crawling

Oliver has been crawling in a slightly lob-sided way for a while now, but he has now officially made the transfer to proper crawling on hands and knees (even if he reverts to using a foot occasionally).

Yesterday Oliver was playing in the living room while I sat on the floor in the adjoining kitchemn, sorting washing. After a few moments, Oliver appeard on hands and knees at the door witha big grin on his face, having crawled across the living room, around the sofa and up to the kitchen door. When he saw me sitting there he laughed. I'm sure his laughter was partially at the new sensation of having travelled somewhere under his own steam and being the person coming into the room rather than the person waiting for someone to come in. I remember the first time I drove a car with no-one else in the car. The feeling of freedom was all the more intoxicating for its newness. I'm sure Oliver was feeling much the same thing.