Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"I'm up. Where have you been?!"

On Monday night I went in to check on Oliver in the middle of the night and found him lying on his front. I've never seen him roll from his front to his back or lie down backwards so I turned him over and lay him on his back. Later I went in and found him half on his front again. This can't be comfortable for him, can it? What worried me more was that cot death is associated with babies sleeping on their fronts. But he seems determined to lie that way as he did the same when I checked him last night.

By 6.50am on Tuesday morning we could hear him talking to Julien and playing with his nightlight (clunking loudly against his cot) and his Winnie The Pooh mobile. He can only reach the mobile when he is sitting up. Sure enough, when we went in to see him he was sitting up in his cot waiting for us. Its the first time we've found him like that in the morning.

Thanks to the terrible weekend we had I never got round to lowering the base of his cot. Looking at him stnding up in his cot I realise I will need to do that pretty damn quick!

Today I feel so guilty that in my previous blog I said how he was sleeping badly and waking up early then refusing to go back to sleep. For the last two nights he has only complained very briefly when I put him to bed, then we haven't heard a peep out of him until after 6am. And even then he just chatted to Julien. Oliver, I apologise.