Friday, September 08, 2006

1st Birthday!


Oliver celebrated his first birthday on 8th September. Here are his highlights.

On getting up, Daddy carried me downstairs where I found a selection of cards and goodies awaiting me.


After opening a few cards and presents...


... I did my world famous Marlon Brando impression which seemed to go down well.


Daddy went to work in the morning while Mummy took me out to see some of my friends. In the afternoon Mummy went to get her hair done (which I always pay attention to when she gets home - Mummy likes that) while I took down books for Daddy to read...


...and contemplated this new milestone in my life.

It was a sunny afternoon so Daddy walked me up to Heaton Moor where he took me for a piece of blueberry muffin at the organic cafe. Then I ate a mini milk from Somerfield while Daddy nattered away to the estate agent about selling the house. (Honestly, they've been doing that for months.)

After that it was time for fun on the swings!


I lovge the swings, especially these at Crescent Park which swing really high. After about 15 minutes Daddy started asking "Do you want to go home now?", but I just shook my head, laughed at him and kept on swinging.


Eventually it was time to go home for dinner (or tea as Daddy sometimes calls it) where Mummy was waiting with a birthday cake. Mummy and Daddy sang happy birthday and then helped me blow out the candle before we all tucked into it.


Afterwards I played with Mummy and Daddy for a while, but before I knew it the day was over. So it was time to go to bed and dream of tomorrow... and my party!


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Happy birthday Oliver, and nice site redesign!

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