Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday morning rituals

Cafe Culture - Heaton Mersey style

Saturday morning is Hayley's morning for a "lie in". Or my "get up" if you prefer. Consequently it's the one morning I have the little man to myself for a while and we've recently developed a bit of a routine.

  • Get the little man up (as if he's not awake already) around 7am, change his nappy and dress him. During this he will complain until I let him stand up, at which point he starts trying to grab breakable objects from the top of his wardrobe which is next to his changing table.

  • Go downstairs and make his breakfast - weetabix, shreddies or maybe porridge - while he plays in the living room, before taking him into the conservatory and plonking him in his highchair to eat.

  • Little man slurps a big slurp of water from his feeding cup. He's a noisy drinker, just like his Dad.

  • Attempt to persuade little man to eat some breakfast from the spoon that I am holding and not the one he is intent on using. To be fair he does succeed in getting some into his mouth, but a fair percentage goes down his front. If it's shreddies he just picks them out with his hands. In fact the same is true of weetabix but I'm ready with a plastic bib in that case.

  • After breakfast, read books or watch CBeebies: LazyTown or Balamory preferred.

  • Chase little man around living room on all fours. He loves being chased at the moment. Bite his feet if I catch him which makes him laugh.

  • After about an hour of reading, playing and TV we go out in his pushchair to a little cafe round the corner called Fresh. There I have a cup of tea and an egg barm while the little man enjoys some nice toast and watches all the customers. Generously he offers them pieces of his sucked toast.

  • Egg barm and toast consumed, it's off home to Mummy who will just be rising, in time to feed the little man his bottle. No wonder he seems to weigh a tonne!

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