Monday, September 18, 2006

Holiday - Sant Elmo, Mallorca 2006


We're just back from a week in Sant Elmo, Mallorca (one of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea).

We stayed with my Mum at the apartment she bought with her partner Del earlier this year. I'll spare you too much detail but here are a few hightlights.

  • Oliver was well behaved and patient both before and during the flight, even though the queues to get through security were horrendous after the recent terrorism alerts. Oliver's good behaviuour on the plane was aided by snacks and a recently acquired portable DVD player. And he obligingly drank a bottle of milk just before our descent and slept until we took him off the plane. Fantastic!

  • Image003

  • We all enjoyed the beach and the Mediterranean Sea in the sunshine. Hayley and I swam and Oliver enjoyed paddling and floating around in his little "boat".

  • DSC03879

  • Between dips Oliver lazed around on the beach

  • Sant Elmo is a beautiful small town but didn't have an enormous amount to do, so most of our pictures seem to be of us eating, drinking or larking in the water. They also highlight that Oliver enjoyed several delicious ice-creams during the trip.

  • Another day, another ice cream

  • A couple of nights produced spectalular thunder storms with lightning flashes out at sea throughout the night. Unfortunately they also washed in jelly-fish, one of which stung me! We even saw a tornado form out at sea and approach us from the distance but forutnately it fizzled out. Phew!

  • Oliver took to sweeping Nanny's apartment with a brush twice his size.

  • DSC03959

  • Nearby Port Andratx was picturesque and also had a fantastic little tea shop that was also vegetarian. Not only that but its fayre was some of the best I've tasted in 23 years of not eating meat. Of course the best part was dining with this lovely lady while Nanny baby-sat Oliver.

  • Image021

    There are more pictures from our trip here.


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