Sunday, January 14, 2007

And to think it was once the norm

This morning Hayley let me lie in and told me not to set an alarm. When I finally awoke it was nearly 11am and I had the strangest sensation. Parents of babies and toddlers may find this concept hard to comprehend but I felt like getting up. OK, so I still had a cold and my back ached, but I felt like getting up!

I don't think I have experienced that since Oliver was born. I fear Hayley still hasn't. And to think it was once the norm. Such deprivations are just another ingredient in the receipe that most parents sum up rather lazily with the customary warning to new parents "life will never be the same again".


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that once they pass the age of around 13 then lie ins will become the norm again.

At the moment though i'll resign myself to being prodded in the earhole at 7am every morning.

Just wait until Oliver starts getting out of bed on his own. There is nothing that gives you the urge to get out of bed like the sound of crashing coming from downstairs

Reservoir Mog said...

I agree, there will be a time when you won't see him much before the Eastenders omnibus at the weekend, and you can lie in a bit. Though you will be knackered from the Dad's Taxi service you will inevitably provide. Fun eh? And you wonder why I stuck to pets instead of children!

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