Sunday, January 07, 2007

First midwife visit

Our midwife, who I shall refer to as "M" (in a rather 007-fashion), came to see us today. Back in the days when Oliver was "Bump" we had to go to the midwives, but now they come to us, for the first visit at least. Someone suggested to me that this was becuse they try to encourage more home births, though I saw no sign of that today and suspect it's not really the case in general.

Everything seems fine, but the fact Hayley hasn't lost all the weight from Oliver's pregnancy puts her in a slightly different position and means that (initially at least) she will consult with a doctor from time to time rather than just with the midwife. She was also a little alarmed at the increased possibility of gestational diabetes, but my feeling is that if during the second trimester she eats well and keeps as active as she is now, then she won't have a problem. So far she has actually LOST a little weight during the pregnancy rather than putting any on.

During M's visit Oliver sat with me watching Baby Van Gogh or we played with his cooker. After about 45 minutes the little chap stood up against the wall and his face took on the tell-tale expression of a little man doing a big poop! Well, when a little man's gotta go, a little man's gotta go!