Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We are delighted to announce...

We are delighted to announce that Hayley is expecting our second child. If all goes to plan, Oliver will have a baby brother or sister on the 3rd August 2007.

We told our families on Boxing Day. We couldn't really wait until after the first scan like we did with Oliver because Hayley is suffering terrbile "morning sickness", which would be better named "morning, noon and night sickness" in this case. So it's a bit of a giveaway.

So feel free to send your advice about how to deal with morning sickness!

(There are a few posts about this pregnancy that I kept hidden until now; they are tagged "number2".)


Reservoir Mog said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!! Are you going to buy a new house when this one is born, too? Or will you still be unpacking from this move? ;)

Unknown said...

dear god. The Telly wasn't THAT bad over Xmas was it??


Reservoir Mog said...

A thought... this mean you won't be doing the Cambridge Folk Festival this year? Addenbrookes is only round the corner and the Rosie maternity unit gets 5* from Cameron, born at the Festival in 2004. :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Congratulations!

Steve said...

Donna, I don't plan to leave this place until the bailiffs throw me out! And do you really think a good Lancashire lad like me is going to have his child born down south! (Just don't tell Hayley I said that, right.)

Scott, It was more November TV. These things aren't instant you know. (Leave it!!)

Dan, Thank you. Hayley keeps telling me we'll be less stressed and more laid back this time. Is that your experience second time around?

Anonymous said...

Yes things are a lot easier, although any free time you did have is now eaten by the second child. Days which just one of us is looking after the children rathe than working as a team can be a little stressful.

Basically any gains you get in the increased confidence and ability are lost through having to deal with two of the little swine.

I lost my study too - but gave me a good excuse to buy a laptop:)

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