Tuesday, January 23, 2007

First scan of Bumpette

First scan of our new bump!
Bumpette: lying back, head to the right, legs to the left with knees up!

This morning Hayley had her first ultrasound scan of our new bump. It was actually a "nuchal translucency" scan which was part of a package of tests aimed at evaluating the likelihood of the baby having Downs Syndrome. These are not covered on the NHS so we had them done at the Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester at our own expense (£200 in case you are interested).

As Hayley is 36 now and will be 37 when the baby is born, her statistical chances of having a Downs baby are higher. Based on her age alone her odds are 1 in 183. However a much more accurate measure is obtained by a combination of blood tests and a scan to measure the thickness of a piece of skin at the back of the baby's neck. The resulting figure has an accuracy of over 90%.

The results were very clear. Based on the blood tests and scan her odds have been revised to 1 in 3656 for this pregnancy.

The sonographer kindly printed off a picture or two from the scan showing our new bump for the first time. On first seeing him/her Hayley's first response was "thank goodness there's only one in there!", as numerous people kept telling her she is having twins.

He/she didn't move around much and just lay on his/her back, occasionally inspecting his/her knees. This first struck me as a boy putting his feet up and taking it easy. Then again, perhaps a pampered princess taking things easy.

In reality it's much too early to be able to tell the sex of the baby yet.
The hospital also does what is known as a 4D scan, which is a high resolution scan undertaken at 28-32 weeks and which enables the baby's features in the womb to be seen very clearly. Isn't that cheating, not waiting until he/she is born? Still, can you blame us for being eager. Though I think we may have to look into this scan a little first before making a decision.


Anonymous said...

just out of interest, and without any judgement on my part, what will you do if the baby turns out to have downs syndrome?

We had the normal tests done for downs on the NHS but we just wanted to know so we could prepare ourselves rather than considering termination.

Reservoir Mog said...

I remember an earlier entry saying that you thought Bumpette maybe sounded a bit girly. This guarantees that the baby will be male, minimum height 6'4", and rugby-inclined, and you'd better have a good payoff ready for calling him 'Bumpette'!

Steve said...

Your comments have been noted. You'll see that we have taken to calling him/her "bumper" from now on. :)

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