Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Father Jack

Anyone who remembers fondly, as I do, the sit-com "Father Ted" will know that Father Jack Hackett was a man of few words. Mostly "feck!", "girls!" and "drink!", shouted loudly and excitedly at short intervals.

I was reminded of Father Jack when Oliver arrived home last Friday evening with Hayley in the car, accompanied by a new trike (pictured below) and also some fish and chips for dinner! As I carried him from the car he shouted "Bike!", "Chips!", "Fish!", and then "Bike!" again... This continued until I had strapped him into his high chair (much as might have been done to Jack himself).

Better keep that whisky on the high shelf for a good few years longer.


Jared said...

Best keep her away from the Toilet Duck.

Donna said...

nah, let Oliver have the whiskey now. You can get some sleep and teething will never be a problem.

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