Friday, April 13, 2007


It's funny how kids go through little crazes. Right now Oliver loves Roly Mo, friendly mole with his own show on CBeebies. So much does he love him that we bought him a Roly Mo toy. In fact he would watch it 3 times a day or more if we let him. He gets away with 2 episodes some days.

His other big craze is more than a fleeting phase. When we take him to playgroups he loves to push around a pushchair. In fact, so much so that we bought him one of those too. He will pass several happy minutes at a time, placing Roly, Julien or a little "dolly" that we have into the pushchair and then walking them around the room. Removing them, replacing them, swapping them, jetisonning them onto the floor in favour of someone else.... he adores it.

And as with anything he adores he walks around doing it with his Mister Serious face on. Whether he is playing with his cooker, helping Mummy make some real cakes, pushing his pushchair or playing with his cars and garage, he becomes completely absorbed. Sometimes he does chat away too, but mostly he has the air of a man at work!

Talking of talking, he is adding more words to his vocab all the time. It's sometime hard to understand what he is saying, as his form of the word can often be quite far from the real word. After his fun on a giraffe ride at my Mum's house, he is paying more attention to his toy giraffes. His word for a giraffe sounds like "babbash". Similarly the "ice-cream man" is the "amman".

He is probably at his cutest when putting him to bed. His bedtime routine ends with one of us sitting feeding him the last of his milk as the other leaves the room. As I leave I will say "Night night", to which he replies "nigh nigh". As he is put to bed with a gentle "sweet dreams" and "love you", he looks up with big blinking eyes and replies "swee dree, lo you". Priceless.