Friday, April 13, 2007

The week in pictures

When I took Oliver out last Saturday morning, I had every intention of giving him a healthy mid-morning snack.... until he spotted the ice-cream man. But you should have seen his mile-wide smile when I turned from the ice-cream man to give him his 99 cornet.

When Daddy is in charge...

On Sunday he enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt at Nanny's and a ride on a giraffe.


On Monday he was impressed with the new carrier I bought for him to ride on Daddy's bike.

new_weeride_carrier 002

new_weeride_carrier 005

During the week we saw that Julien was being given more privileges. A seat at his Master's table was high on Oliver's list of priorities.


On Thursday we had fish and chips a day early. Oliver came to the chippy with me to watch the goings-on behind the counter and make sure his chips were cooked to perfection.

At the chippy

At the end of the first warm, summery week of the year (yesterday I was able to ride home from work in a t-shirt for the first time), Oliver's hair is already starting to turn to its summer blonde colour.

With La-Laa

And tomorrow is Saturday again. I wonder if he'll be requesting an ice-cream...