Thursday, April 26, 2007

Old blogs don't die...

...but some are virtually dead.

When Hayley was first pregnant with Oliver I came across a blog. It was written by a woman in the USA who was herself pregnant at the time. It was called Pregnant In America. This was the blog that inspired me to write one myself. It was frank, interesting and (perhaps most importantly) was written by someone who was going through the same things we were as soon-to-be first-time parents.

Later, she gave birth to a daughter and the blog became Mothering In America. I continued to read and enjoy it.

But then one day last year, it stopped without warning. The last post was May 14th 2006. After that, silence.

I've often wondered what happened. Did something terrible happen? Or did she just get bored with the whole idea? I'll never know. But as there seems little chance of a new post appearing, I am removing it from my list of other Parent bloggers.

So momin05, so long and thank you, wherever you may be.


Anonymous said...

You always feel very guilty whenever you delete someone from the blogrole don't you.

I'd a couple of people on mine that I was hoping would come bak but never did.

LA daddy did a rather amusing post on the subject the other day

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