Friday, March 28, 2008

BBC NEWS | Health | Six baby cough medicines pulled

BBC NEWS | Health | Six baby cough medicines pulled

Among the medicines removed from sale are Calcold which we have used for Oliver occasionally over the last winter, but more worryingly also Medised which we have given to Oliver on many occasions since he was perhaps 3-6 months old. And we still have them today. Here they are in our medicine cupboard.


Despite assurances that it is their misuse that has caused their withdrawal, it is still a concern. You don't want to have to be a qualified pharmacist and remember the combinations of medicines that can or can't be administered at 3am with a crying child in your arms. It's enough to have to remember what time the last dose was applied and that you can interleave ibuprofen with paracetamol.

Worryingly, I completely missed this story yesterday. Fortunately Hayley picked up on it. Otherwise we'd have carried on using these medicines whose shelf life is several years.


Although I'm not a natural reader of the Daily Mail, I must admit they cover this story rather well here.