Sunday, March 16, 2008

If it aint broke...

If it aint broke, we probably don't own it. Here's a list of applicances that have recently decided to become non-functional.

DVD Player/Recorder
After several months where the drawer wouldn't open when there was no disc in it (until you tapped it on its top), it finally decided that the drawer was best positioned half open, refusing to open or shut. Maybe it serves us right for buying a Netto bargain. We replaced it with a Philips today at Tesco. Best part of £80. Ouch.


The oven in our lovely looking 6-ring range style cooker now won't work with the fan on, thus requiring higher heat and more expense, even before I call someone out.

Microwave/oven combi
Our microwave was also an oven, which saved putting the big oven on for a couple of spring rolls. No longer. It is in the back of my car, ready for the tip. Thankfully I took the precaution of keeping our old microwave (though it isn't an oven).

Gas fire (and the rest)

The fire died some time ago but on trying to replace it we've now found there are complications. Consequently we have a rather nice gas fire we won't be fitting, still sitting in its box in the living room.

My car
Went out to it yesterday, dead as a Dodo. Thank goodness for free AA Home Start. Another job for tomorrow.

Central heating
After a bit of a saga involving multiple visits from British Gas last month, it appeared to be all sorted.... except that the timer has now convinced itself that it has to leave the hot water on overnight, despite being programmed otherwise.

Washing machine

Still functional but sometimes it decides it can't be bothered to spin so you have to ask it again nicely.

Upstairs toilet
The ballcock isn't set right and a little clean water overflows out into the garden each time the tank refills. Should be easy to sort out, but it's a funny looking ballcock mechanism (unlike any I've tampered with before) so I'm not fixing it outside of B&Q opening hours.

It's not a huge list, but when money is tight it's not exactly welcome either.

If I'm gone for sometime you'll probably find me on the Stockport Freecycle website.


Anonymous said...

oooooo wish you'd said. I've got a perfectly good DVD player sitting in a cupboard.

and a CD player, two tape decks, two hi-fi amps, a radio, some speakers...and that's before i even start on the garage.

let me know if Freecycle is any good

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