Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Clapping for beginners

I came home today and found that Hayley had taught Lucy to clap! This makes Lucy a musical genius in my eyes and undoubtedly destined for greatness. What is more, she really likes it. For much of the evening she practiced her new talent. I'll be calling The Halle in the morning. (On second thoughts, sod that, get me Sir Simon Rattle on the phone...)

But she is in good musical company. Frankly Oliver keeps time when he drums to my guitar playing better than some people I have formed bands with. And that's not a joke! (I daren't name names.)

I do hope they take to music. I play guitar with them and sing often. Since Oliver came along I lost all enthusiasm for performing in public as no audience is ever going to be as vocal and appreciative as him. Or ask for as many encores. Now that he has a very mini piano keyboard of his own I get to reciprocate, which is made easier to do as he turns it off and mimes to Barney. "Keep music live" anyone?



Anonymous said...

If Lucy wants someone to practise clapping with, Tyler is now a dab hand ('scuse the pun) and a similar age at 7 months and 3 weeks. Only problem, he's got 4 teeth and cannibal tendencies! His parents claim he's only teething, but I swear he was trying to bite to the bone :(

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