Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter round-up

Good Friday


We opted for the traditional walk up Rivington Pike. The skies were blue and although it was cold we were well wrapped up.


Unfortunately the wind was strong once we were near the top and both children's attitude turned from cheery contentment to tears by the time we reached the summit. However, Oliver was somewhat appeased by me taking him to my friend Paul's house where he got to play on a large, electric ride-on Thomas the Tank Engine.


We went to my Mum's annual Easter Egg hunt. The weather was still cold and now raining/snowing, so we were relieved when she had put a good number of the clues inside the house, specifically for Oliver and Lucy so they wouldn't have to go outside.

Lucy took the opportunity to improve her piano playing, while Oliver had anyone who would be lead by the hand join him at the "'puter" to play games on the Thomas and Friends website.

I also spent a fairly fruitless hour up at my sister's house trying to get a USB-wireless key to see a wireless router 3 feet away from it instead of the next door neighbour's router.

Easter Sunday
Hayley and I managed to go to see Man Utd vs Liverpool at Old Trafford (3-0 to Utd for the record). It was nice to finally get to a game and have some time to ourselves without the kids. We don't get much, but when we do it reminds us of who we were when we met and who we still are given half the chance!

Easter Monday

I took Lucy for a walk in the afternoon to try to get her to have an afternoon nap and to get me some fresh air. It was a sunny, clear, crisp and cold day. But by the time she had fallen asleep and I was at my furthest point from home, the clouds raced
in and it snowed on us, quite heavily. She was well wrapped up and under a rain cover so your truly was the only one with snow in his hair. Then it was off to another Easter Egg hunt, this time at the house of Oliver's friend Cara. Good fun. And rather nice Quorn sausage rolls too!

And that was it. Nothing spectacular but good fun nonetheless.