Monday, May 05, 2008

On the move - to a room of her own


Tonight, at nearly nine months old, Lucy has moved into her own room for the first time!

It has been a wrench for both of us, but for her own sake we thought we ought to try to get her used to having her own room earlier rather than (even) later. If we didn't do it now, I could see it being years. And that didn't feel quite fair on Oliver either, as he moved into his own room many months earlier than Lucy (though it was out of necessity).

Every morning Lucy wakes before Oliver at around 6.00-6.20am. She then lifts her head, Sphynx-like, to peer at Hayley and I in bed. After a few minutes (during which she rarely goes back to sleep) she will complain loudly enough for us to get her out of the cot and take her out of her gro-bag and put her into bed between us. There she proceeds to bash nine bells out of our faces and grab our noses at all opportunities with her vice-like grip. Adorable but also sometimes quite painful. The when I hear Oliver wake I go and carry him in and he joins us in bed. More precisely he usually takes my spot, next to Lucy, then generously moves over to make room for me when I ask him nicely.

So tonight for the first time we go to sleep without the little lady there beside us. But as I re-assured Hayley this evening, she is only another 10 paces and less than 5 seconds away. When we hear her on the baby monitor I suspect it may turn out to be even less than that!