Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Come back to what you know

I'm still here.

Despite the lack of a "proper" post for a staggering month and a half, I am still very much here. So why the silence?

There's no great mystery or single reason.
Did I fall out of love with blogging? Maybe a little.
Did life get on top of me? Well, certainly in the way at least.
Did I decide it wasn't worth blogging my family's life? No way!!!

It's just been a bit of a tough spell for lots of different reasons, not helped by warm, sticky nights worrying whether the kids are too hot or by turns catching a chill as the temperature falls and they wriggle out of their bedclothes. Each night I found myself foregoing the pleasures of the keyboard in favour of the comfort of my bed.

But I've broken the log-jam to write again and I intend to make up for my sabatical in the real world. And to make life easier I plan to post somewhat will-nilly and incoherently help avoid any further spells where being unable to find the right words led to silence.

So here's a start. I love my family. Oliver remains the gift that I will never entirely cease to be surprised to have received. Every day I am thankful for him. Lucy is so much more than the daughter I dreamed of. She is a character you can't ignore, loving and expressive beyond her age. Hayley is the linchpin of all our lives. She is the heartbeat of our family, the centre of our universe and I have her to thank for all I celebrate in this blog.

I raise a cup (of tea, as it happens) to my family. Cheers!