Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lucy's 1st Birthday Party


Today was Lucy's 1st Birthday party. It was a joint bash with Cara and Isabel who were celebrating turning three. It was held at Heaton Moor Methodist Church, the same place we had Oliver's first birthday party nearly two years ago.

The Mums (Hayley, Clare C. and Clare P.) did all the hard work: buying all the food, cooking it and doing most of the decorating of the room. I just had our kids for most of the day up to the party, which was a breeze as it was sunny and they were in good moods. We went to the park for a while.


Then we headed home for a snack lunch. On the way, Lucy fell asleep in the back-pack carrier, bless her. Oliver bought some flowers for his Mummy and carried them home for her.


Then it was off to the hall for the party. Lucy seemed to enjoy the whole afternoon. An area was laid out for the young children in her age range with toys on large rugs, while the rest of the hall was free for the older children to run round and play with the balloons (which would periodically pop with a loud bang).

There was also entertainment. The ladies from Rhythm Time came and had the children singing, dancing and playing percussive instruments.


Lucy and Oliver both joined in with some gusto.


Rhythm Time also started by singing Happy Birthday to each of the three birthday girls in turn, starting with Lucy, which was nice. Lucy sat on my knee for Rhythm Time.


Meanwhile Oliver stood next to us. He was a great big brother, getting Lucy her instruments before getting them for himself.

After the entertainment, buffet food was served for the adults while the children sat and ate their party lunch boxes at tables at one end of the hall.


A cake was brought out for Lucy and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Then we sang it again for the other two girls.

There was then some more free play for the kids before people started to drift away.

The little lady was notable for her contentedness and self-assuredness all afternoon. She played happily on the mat with toys and with the other children, even when Hayley and I were not right next to her, though there was always a familiar face for her and we always kept half an eye on her.


In fact I had the pleasure of being with the kids much of the afternoon while Hayley ran proceedings... in other words she did most of the hard work!

By the time everyone left, Lucy had decided that decorum should take second place to a nice rest.


There are more pictures from the day here.