Thursday, August 21, 2008

My children have been on Concorde!

What more need I say! Hayley took advantage of a cheap offer to view the one at Manchester airport after dropping a friend off for her flight. I shouldn't have been surprised given that she cycled to the airport on the day it landed at Manchester for the last time back in 2003.


Of course there should be pictures of this trip, and there were, but then Hayley's phone has gone crazy and she has had to replace it, so we've lost them!

I can tell you that Hayley, Oliver and Lucy all went under the plane and then inside, Oliver scaling the steps all by himself. Apparently it was the Concorde used by the Royal family. So Oliver sat in the Queen's seat.

As a boy I remember seeing Concorde's first flight live on TV. A big event. But I never got to fly on it. Nor even set foot on it. And now my son has been on it before me. This calls for a second visit, this time with Daddy there to share the excitement!