Friday, August 15, 2008

Lucy's 1st Birthday

Today we celebrated Lucy's 1st birthday.


We kicked off with the little lady opening her presents at home, aided by her helpful big brother.


Later, Hayley and Oliver decorated the cake that Hayley had bought for her. Hayley then prepared a picnic while Lucy, Oliver and I played upstairs.


Then we all headed off to the park for a long and enjoyable picnic lunch with friends in the sunshine.


Oliver ran and played with his friends,

while Lucy crawled across the grass at high speed

or stood at the railings to the playground watching the older children.

After our sandwiches, she opened her birthday cards,

then we lit a candle on her cake and sang Happy Birthday. Lucy cut the cake,

then we all had a piece, Lucy demolishing a good portion of it herself.

At one point, Lucy stood up and then stood still unaided. At this point someone asked if she was walking. "No", we said. "She can stand like this but she won't take a step". Upon which, Lucy promptly took her first step! Maybe she had been waiting for an audience.

Despite indulging in ice-creams and ice lollies mid-afternoon, we all found room for our traditional Friday fish n chips when we got home.

After all the fun in the sun, a nice bath saw both our offspring settling quickly down for a good night's sleep. The end of a fabulous day.