Thursday, September 11, 2008

First day at Nursery

Oliver started at his new Nursery today. He was a happy chappy as he headed off for the 1 hour introductory session.

He has been to a playgroup there regularly in the past so the venue was nothing new. He a bit surprised to be going upstairs as he has never been up there before. But once there he was fine. He even took his slightly more apprehensive friend Charlie by the hand and led him off to play saying "Come on Charlie".

He had a fun time and was made the VIP for the day. Afterwards all four of us went to Room 311 where he enjoyed a biscuit and a hot chocolate drink.



Alice from California said...

The video is adorable ♥ Your little guy seems to be very sweet with his little sister, which is darling. You and your wife seem to be tackling each milestone stupendously =)

Steve said...

Alice, Oliver does indeed love his little sister. His only problem is he doesn't understand how much bigger and stronger he is, so his hugs sometimes end up nearly wrestling her to the ground. And she adores him. It's great to see them playing together, chasing each other around the house.

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