Sunday, September 21, 2008

Harvest Festival


Hayley took Oliver and Lucy to a Harvest Festival today, a kind of Autumn fair on Heaton Mersey common. When they came home I was surprised to see Oliver had his face painted. He isn't usually keen on anything quite that messy. "I'm spiderman!", he told me.

He was also wearing a Fire Fighter badge and had been in a real fire engine. How cool! (If I'd known I doubt I would have stayed home and dutifully cut the grass.)

Sadly there are no photos of the festival as Hayley's phone was out of memory and there's little time to start deleting photos with both kids in tow. She did report back though that there was local produce including confectionaries, beers and cheeses.

By the time they came home they were whacked! However they woke from their slumbers on arrival at the birthday party of Oliver's friend Callum. Another fun-packed day.