Saturday, September 06, 2008

Folk Train


Back in 2005, when Hayley and I were just a couple and Oliver was merely a bump, we took a ride on the Folk Train. Today we took the same ride, but this time with our two children there beside us.

I love the experience of doing things as a family where previously the two kids hadn't been around. It always serves to remind me just how lucky we are to have them.


You might think folk music wouldn't be to their taste, but you'd be wrong. Oliver loves any live music and we were lucky to sit very close to the musicians. Lucy also loved it, wiggling wildly and enjoying the ride.

The journey was from Manchester to Hathersage in the Peak District (though we boarded at Reddish North). In Hathersage everyone decamped to a pub where the band played more songs to accompany our dining and quaffing. Lucy even managed a little jig.

The whole trip was just the best time I could imagine with all of us enjoying ourselves and not even any discontented or over-tired whinging at any point. In fact, on the return journey Lucy fell asleep on Hayley somewhere during "You are my sunshine" and then Oliver fell asleep on me to the tune of "To know him is to love him". Bless.


There is more information about the Folk Train here.

All our photos from the day are here.


Anonymous said...

I stubbled across your page while I was trying to locate a friend here in the States, and I just have to say that your children are so cute and sweet, plus they are very well mannered. You and your wife are doing a great job raising them =)

Steve said...

Alice, That's very kind of you. Thank you. Parenting is such a challenge - and at each new milestone I feel like a beginner again - but the rewards are immeasurable.

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