Thursday, September 04, 2008


Lucy is a very vocal young lady. If one of us puts her down on the floor rather than carry her round she wails like a banshee. She has a high-pitched scream that leaves me in fear for our wine glasses.

A couple of nights ago I put her to bed. Hayley normally puts her to bed while I see to Oliver, but it's nice to swap. Lucy wasn't keen though. She was OK til Hayley came in to say goodnight to her while I gave her her milk. After that Lucy decided Daddy wouldn't do! She screamed at the top of her lungs. The little madam. After a while of batting away the milk bottle I offered her, I asked her "do you want to go to bed Lucy?". She nodded and said "yeh". So I put her into her cot. She still wasn't entirely happy but settled down.

But yesterday Hayley saw a whole other level to her temper. In her anger at being put down on the floor because Mummy couldn't carry her round all day, she head-butted the floor! I'm hoping it was a one-off and she has now learned that Lucy vs Hard-floor ultimately only has one winner.


Delishus said...

Screaming for drinks and banging her head? and her brother was chasing chicks round a church before a big drum solo finale?

man, your kids are SO rock 'n' roll :)

Steve said...

Oliver was even playing air guitar the other day at a friend's party. And now he is refusing to have his hair cut. Have you been having words with him?

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