Friday, April 10, 2009

1000 posts, 1000 Reasons...

The blog has recently undergone a pregnant pause. No, I don't mean there is a sibling in the pipeline, only that I have been reflecting on this blog. Why? Here's why.

This is my one thousandth published entry in Life Begins.

For the record, I started back in January 2005 so I've averaged around 2 posts every 3 days. That's the quantity. We'll skip over the quality.

This time of reflection brought me to the conclusion that my 1000 posts might be considered 1000 reasons.

1000 reasons to feel alive. I don't think I've ever felt quite so alive in my life as since having kids and those posts are my reminders of all the things they do to make me feel that way.

1000 reasons to wonder at our world. Seeing things through the eyes of my children re-opens my own eyes to the wonder of the world around us and reawakens my own inner child.

1000 reasons to pause for thought. This blog has put me, or kept me, in touch with many people, almost all of them enriching the experience of journaling my journey. But the tools behind the blog show me there are many regular visitors who never introduce themselves, despite annual imploring to do so from me on De-Lurker Day. And that makes a little part of my brain ask why. And is the answer something sinister? For this and other reasons, such as the kids deserving more privacy as they get older, I have several times pondered taking the blog out of the public domain, or making it a "members only" arrangement. But for now, it stays public. (And if it did restrict access I would certainly like the regular contributors and friends who read it to continue to do so.)

1000 reasons to feel grateful. And I do. I truly do.

1000 reasons to keep blogging. I look back on the family history I have recorded here and I am glad for all of it. Publicly, privately or somewhere in between, I am sure I will keep on recording it, one way or another.

OK, enough of the self-congratulation until post number 2000. See you back here in about June 2013.


Alice said...

lol... that's funny. I didn't know there was a "De-Lurker Day" this a national event?

Steve said...

It's a world-wide event! I know lots of blogs that do it, some with more success than others. This year it was on January 12th.

Delishus said...

1000 posts? ye gods, i'm just coming up to 100. does this mean your life is more interesting then mine or that you are a bigger geek?? :P

Steve said...

You youngsters have no stamina.

And if only I were a bigger geek than you, I wouldn't be scratching my head about how to capture and edit audio/video overdubs for YouTube (without spending money!). Long story. I'll email you.

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