Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's in a name

The little lady has a doll. Two dolls actually. One of them says "Mama" when you squeeze its hand. As a result she has named it "Mama". This can confuse the uninitiated, as saying "want Mama" does not mean she wants Hayley (that's "want Mummy"). And it doesn't help that she seems to call both her dolls Mama.

She also has a Grannimal called Lucien bunny. However, as it is clearly a similar creature to Oliver's Julien dog, she insists on calling it Julien. And she has two Luciens too: big Lucien and baby Lucien.

Fortunately, as with international language barriers, Lucy has realised you can get a long way by pointing and speaking in your own tongue increasingly loudly.


Alice said...

Such a little princess. It's sooo cute when little girls grow attached to a doll ♥

Steve said...

Alice, Clearly I am biassed, but the way the little lady cares for her dolls is incredibly sweet. I'll probably post some more photos on that subject soon.

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