Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mis-spent youth? Hell no!

There are times I worry my son wants to watch too much YouTube.
And there are times I worry my friend Scott will make good with his promise (i.e. threat) to buy Oliver a drum kit.

It seems I was wrong to worry on both counts.

Take a look at this three and half year old boy who, according to this post by MetroDad, taught himself to play the drums solely by watching YouTube videos.

I can't stop grinning when I watch him. Man, he knows The Who's "We Don't Get Fooled Again" from start to finish. And he rocks!


Delishus said...

doesn't have to be a drum kit, exactly. Best to see where his talents lie. Might be better off with an air rifle or some spray paints. Perhaps some kitchen knifes, if he likes cookery??

Steve said...

An air rifle? For a three year old that is dangerous with a plastic golf club let alone a firearm?

No ta.

Which also rules out the knives, despite his talent in the kitchen.

Whereas spray paints I can see working. Just so long as he opens them at your house and not ours. You mentioned you wanted to redecorate didn't you?

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