Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hayley's Birthday

We had a mixed day for Hayley's birthday. It was a beautiful morning and after being given her birthday cards, Hayley took the kids to Didsbury Park while I sorted the bikes for the afternoon. At the park entrance, Oliver tripped over a small lip at the gate and hit his head just above the right eye. He had a big purple lump to show for it.


As if this wasn't bad enough, as Hayley consoled him, Lucy tripped over the same hazard and fell flat on her face, leaving her with a big bruise on her forehead. It comes on the back of two other face-first falls down our back step (brought on by trying to carry two large dolls to the garden) and was bad enough to still be visible when I took this snap later in the afternoon.


Which brings me on to the happier part of the day when we ventured forth on bikes. Yesterday we acquired from friends a tagalong bike which Oliver is just big enough to ride (though sadly just too small to really pedal properly). So I rode with Lucy in the Hamax seat while Hayley towed Oliver on the tagalong. We rode down a stretch of the Middlewood Way. It was a useful first outing, if only to remind us how noisy Hayley's brakes are and that Lucy could really do with a new helmet as this one sometimes comes down over her eyes unless carefully adjusted.


Both kids enjoyed it which is encouraging, as Hayley and I are both keen to get out cycling with them.

At a (rather neglected) picnic area we stoppped to eat some crisps and apples.

And after all that we are quite shattered, though admittedly this may also have something to do with the fact that we also celebrated Hayley's birthday yesterday evening in the friendly environs of our local taverns and hostelries, partaking of the odd strong beverage along the way.


Alice said...

Simple pleasures (like a bike ride) are the best! What a cute little happy family you four make.

Oh, and don't worry about their battle wounds.... it gives them stories to tell when they are older =)
(I know I have many to tell, and adding new stories along the way... lol)

Steve said...

Alice, I know what you mean. I still show off the childhood scar from when I was (accidentally) hit in the temple with a golf club.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Happy Birthday Haley! How fun to get to cycle with dad. She is pretty darn adorable.

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