Friday, November 27, 2009

Fish 'n' Chips Friday - Chip Butties Edition

The long Christian tradition of eating fish on a Friday originates in a Friday fast which took the form of foregoing the more expensive meat in favour of the cheaper and more readily available fish instead. In this country it's seen more as a Roman Catholic trasition and yet even for non-Catholics like myself it has a resonance. Even today my company restaurant still serves fish every Friday. And of course in our house it's a tradition to have fish and chips on a Friday.

Pretty educational huh? But not half as much as you can learn from this video of last Friday evening's fish and chips dinner. For example, it demonstrates that:

1. Mealtimes in our house are anarchic.
2. Lucy pays no attention to what I tell her.
3. She's too cute for me to care that she pays no attention to what I tell her.
4. Oliver eats some fish before having chips, as Daddy asks.
4. Whatever Oliver does, Lucy has to do (except for eating some fish before having chips, as Daddy asks).
5. Lucy can eat her own body weight in chips.
6. You can't have more fun than making chip butties!

Although point 6 could be called into question when you consider the fun to be had with chicken drumsticks.