Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still utterly butterly

A little over three months ago I blogged that Lucy had taken to applying lashings of butter to everything possible and that we had even started to buy her a separate brand for her own indulgent purposes. Here's a pictorial reminder of the scene back then.


Today the fascination with buttering remains. Witness this scene from this morning. The only difference is that she has moved on from toast and now prefers bagels. (And she's ditched the high chair in favour of a booster seat at the table.)


But if you want the real proof of her enthusiasm, just take a look at this. It's the rise in the share price for Dairy Crest, who make her preferred brand of buttery spread, and covers the period just after the uber-buttering commenced. Co-incidence?

So here's my hot tip. Lucy's latest passion is for drawing with crayons, so expect Crayola to go big.

Who needs Warren Buffet anyhow.


James (SeattleDad) said...

Buy now. World domination can't be far off.

Steve said...

James, We'll be comparing our luxury yachts on the Pacific and Mediterranean coasts in no time.

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