Monday, November 23, 2009


As I was about to get Lucy out of the car yesterday...

Lucy (rubbing her nose): "My nose!"
Me (not sure what was wrong but handing her a tissue): "Here you are sweetheart".
Lucy (having rubbed vigorously around her nostrils): "I did it Daddy!".
Me: "Yes darling, well done."
Lucy "I did it Daddy. I got my nogey!"
Me (a bit puzzled): "Did you darling? Well done. Shall we get out now?"
Lucy (pointing to car seat): "Look Daddy! I got my nogey out. There!"
Daddy (picking offending article from car seat): "That's great darling. Let's pop it here in the gutter. Now, shall we go to the shop?"
Lucy: "Yeah."

I love Lucy's language. She is very chatty for her age, forming quite long questions and statements. Her pronunciation is occasionally hard to understand but I think I can translate most things. A few of my favourites amoongst her toddleresque utterances recently are:
"Scoody doody" = Scooby Doo.
"Nic nic" - Picnic.
"Julnian" - Oliver's "Julien" Dog or her own "Lucien" Bunny which she still insists on calling Julien most of the time.
"Piderman" - Spiderman.
"Blooooon" - balloon.

But in truth her speech is getting better all the time so these treasured little funnies will soon start to disappear. The sadness at her dwindling toddlerdom will be offset by the joy of the conversations we are already starting to have.