Friday, January 28, 2005

Oh come on, that doesn't really happen... does it?

I've felt a bit dodgy this week. Rough. A bit sick. Nauseous you might say. The first day i put it down to nerves at the football. (Well it was a big game!) Then yesterday I figured a had a bit of a bug. And today, well I'm just run down right?

I suppose it doesn't help that I've had this back ache. Mostly in my kidney area but it seems to move around a bit. Still, nothing too bad.

Then tonight I found myself reeling from the smell of Hayley's curry. Curry? Me? I LOVE Indian food. How odd!

Then I popped across cyber space to where I read what men can expect in Week 10: Couvade Syndrome. Couvade what? Couvade Syndrome, aka sympathetic pregnancy!

[The sound of a penny dropping!]

Oh come on, that's just something they make up for funny movies, isn't it? I can't really deny that I have some of Hayley's symptoms but it really has to be co-incidence. That and the fact that a beer gut starts in much the same place as a bump.