Wednesday, January 05, 2005

They know you know

Women that is. Hayley's friend Viv spotted she was pregnant. Mostly because she spotted that Hayley had switched to decaffeinated tea, stopped going to the gym and stopped resisting chocolates at work. At the end of the working day yesterday she said
"I wish you'd tell me."
"Tell you what?"
"You know what."
A feeble attempt to withhold the already detected truth ensued before she finally told her and begged her indulgence to keep it secret until she is through the first 13 weeks.

There are other things that might have given her away. Her hair is more wildly curly than ever recently. Her bust has got bigger too (and it wasn't small to start with!). And she has found that her tummy (which still had the odd inch to lose as she approached her goal weight) is now no longer capable of being held in. So she does in fact look a little bit pregnant already. Of course the fact she is "showing early" has added more fuel to the "it's twins!" fire.

Unfortunately at least one other person at Hayley's workplace is also suspicious that she may be pregnant. We'll see how long it can be kept to ourselves. The brutal truth is that the fewer people we tell, the fewer we will have to tell if she miscarries.

Even so, I find myself wanting to tell some people. Paul and Dave at work both have young kids and sometmes I instinctively want to mention what's going on, but I manage to stop myself. On a few occasions I've almost forgotten and blurted something out. But I think I can manage to keep my mouth shut a few more weeks.