Sunday, January 30, 2005

We've something to tell you...

When do you tell people?

How do you tell them?

You'd think we'd have these sorted by now but we haven't. We're on the point of abandoning our original idea of waiting until the end of the first trimester and/or waiting until we have the first scan. The reasons for this are the midwife's comment that the risk of miscarriage is diminishing fast and the fact that we could still be about three weeks from the scan. Waiting is starting to seem pointless.

But HOW do we tell people?

We had thought of producing the image from the scan. It's seems pretty self-evident to me that this would convey the reality of the pregnancy better than any words we might find, which would also rather nicely save us from having to find any words! Maybe we slip the image in with some other photos. Or even just hand it over witout explanation! Hmm, probably not.

We tried to think how we could make a little celebration of the occasion, maybe by going out for a meal, but that starts to become complicated and my family does that so infrequently that it would instantly raise suspicions. We even wondered about hiring a limo to do it when we saw one at Old Trafford today! What next!!!
So at this rate we are just going to end up going round to tell them.

Then there's the question of how they will react. But that's a whole other story. We'll be finding out soon enough... just as soon as we finally decide when and how to tell them!