Sunday, January 30, 2005

A plan (or two) is hatched.

We've decided to tell our families about the pregnancy on the weekend before Valentine's Day. We'll have to go to Wiltshire and tell Hayley's family on the Saturday and then drive back up and tell mine on the Sunday. That will be the middle of week 12. After that we can tell our other friends and work colleagues.

We've also been plotting our possible departure from Craig Close. Or rather we've started looking at areas where we might hope to buy a house. Our current place only has 2 bedrooms and would be too small eventually. It will be fine while the baby is small but after that...

The trouble is we have a number of possible ways to go. We could stay in Stockport, move out of town altogether or move to a different urban area. Of course the cost of houses is no joke and it remains to be seen what we can really afford. But you have to start somewhere and today we made that start by driving around a few Stockport suburbs.