Monday, July 24, 2006


Oliver often says "Da da", usually as part of a stream of da's, ma's and ba's. In fact his verbal musings are becoming increasingly expressive. He has the intonation of someone speaking in sentences now, but without discernible words.

Having said that, he also has a tendency to shout "Dad"! Hayley assures me this is reserved to times when I am around. And it does seem to co-incide with him listening and looking, possibly for me...? It's hard to tell for sure.

Sadly he has come to learn something unavoidable about his Dad: he has to go to work each day. Every morning as I head towards the door with my cycling bag, he will start to wave goodbye, even before I have said anything to him or Hayley. Hayley and Oliver stand at the door to wave me off. Cycling off as I do with him looking rather blank faced and waving his limp arm is something of a wrench each morning. Fortunately his beaming smile and welcome when I return in the evening tend to wipe out my sadness completely.