Thursday, November 02, 2006

BBC - UK youths 'among worst in Europe'

Britain's teenagers are among the most badly behaved in Europe, a study by a think-tank has suggested.

On every indicator of bad behaviour - drugs, drink, violence, promiscuity - the UK was at or near the top, said the Institute for Public Policy Research.

UK youths 'among worst in Europe'

Depressing reading. But is it surprising that kids just hang out with other kids when their parents are working as hard as possible to keep their mortgages paid and food on the table? I just hope we give Oliver the right messages and support so he won't indulge to excess when his experimental teenage years arrive.

I also pray to God we give him enough self-esteem and confidence not to have to rely on brands and designer-wear for his identity. I feel so lucky that I grew up in an era when such pressures were much less pervasive.