Thursday, November 16, 2006

Morning routines


Here is Oliver's rough weekday morning routine at the moment.

He usually wakes any time after 6am but will doze off and snooze or play until nearly 7am. Then one of us goes into his room, gets him up and brings him into our room where he sits on the bed between us.

While we start to come round we put the TV on. The "Early Worms" come on and Oliver jigs about to their tune. They simply introduce the first programme which is Thomas the Tank Engine. Oliver doesn't really watch Thomas and friends as much as give them the occasional glance while climbing all over Mummy and Daddy, stealing Daddy's glasses or trying to eat his cereal (if I have managed to get some by this point).

He sits and plays or watches Thomas while Hayley gets up and dressed, then she dresses him and takes him downstairs to give him his breakfast. By the time I come down he is usually tucking into his breakfast and will always offer me some, whether it be soggy corn flakes or partially sucked toast.

I cycle to work and when I put my cycling helmet on he starts waving to me and saying "bye bye" which is somewhere between cute and heart-breaking!

Before I leave the house Mummy and Oliver get a kiss, but once outside the door Oliver pushes his face up against the door to give me kisses through the glass. Sometimes Mummy joins in too!

Then I cycle off to work with this happy image in my mind.