Sunday, November 12, 2006

First Sleepover


Oliver had his first sleep-over last night. His friend Jack stayed over so that his Mummy and Daddy (Sara and Manny) could go out.

Oliver stayed up a bit later than usual playing with Jack. He went quietly enough up for his bedtime bottle but when it came time to go to sleep he complained, reluctant not to rejoin the fun with his mate.

Jack goes to bed later than Oliver and he was as good as gold. Hayely fed him downstairs before taking him up to Oliver's room to his travel cot.

Feeding Jack

He briefly complained when put down until we gave him his cuddly toys but then he was as quiet as a mouse for the whole night, unlike Oliver who always seems to let out an enormous shout when he has to turn over.

In the morning they had lots of fun including a ride on one of the walkers for Oliver and a ride on a reindeer for both of them.


At lunchtime Mummy and Daddy came round and we all went out for Sunday lunch. All in all a great success.

And at the risk of sounding selfish, we are already excited about taking up Sara and Manny on their offer to return the favour!