Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Step back in time

Tonight our adorable little boy, who has been as good as gold all day, has treated us to half an hour of crying and screaming when he should have been going to sleep.

He's been showing signs of becoming more restless at night recently and tonight he became extremely upset. We had to resort to controlled crying, which was tough, but he settled whenever we came in to re-assure him, so he wasn't in pain, just wanting us to stay with him while he went to sleep. We really don't feel we should do that as we don't want him to become reliant on us to go to sleep, especially after he has learned to get himself to sleep so well.

It's agonising to hear him crying like that and not go into him for several minutes at a time. I just hope we are doing the right thing.

And at the end of the day I'm grateful he only kept it up for half an hour or so. We have friends whose children have screamed for hours!


Anonymous said...

Sleeping problems. Nothing worse. We ended up in the situation where Amy was sleeping in our bed from around 10 months until 18 months. We're certainly not making that mistake again.

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