Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BBC - Woman making final embryo appeal

BBC - Woman making final embryo appeal

I feel for this woman. I can see the arguments on both sides, but the most compelling argument for me is the one given by John Harris, Professor of bioethics at Manchester University School of Law.

"Howard Johnston gave his considered, fully informed, consent to fertilisation of the eggs, the creation of the embryos and the 'procreative enterprise'. I do not see why he should now be permitted to break this contract and withdraw unilaterally from the procreative enterprise with such disastrous consequences for Natallie."

You can read Professor Harris' views on the case alongside those of Baroness Ruth Deech who takes an opposite position, in this BBC "Head to Head" article.


Reservoir Mog said...

Would love to have known how it would have been if he had been infertile through cancer and she had changed her mind.

(Shame I don't work at the lab, I'd have no problem lying, saying the embryos had gone, then sneaking them out as a 'mystery donor' item to her, at another clinic... )

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