Sunday, January 14, 2007

The best place to sit...

Image016 on Daddy's lap!

Here Oliver is pictured sitting on Daddy while watching TV with Julien. But of course, Daddy is also a handy place to sit when reading books, listening to music or just deciding what to do next.

And does Daddy mind? Not a chance! In fact our latest game is for me to let Oliver get up from my lap and walk about 3 paces away from me before grabbing him from behind, swooping him backwards and upwards into the air and then nuzzling the back of his neck so he giggles. He then gets up several times for a repeat performance, walking ever so slowly, glancing back and grinning in readiness for my ambush.

Oliver (and Julien) sitting on Daddy's lap
Daddy. Can also be used as chair with back-rest.

Oliver (and Julien) sitting on Daddy's lap

Sitting on Daddy, biting Julien's nose, watching TV: sorted!

Daddy's eye view

Daddy's eye view.